Sean is photographer and videographer from Ventura County, CA. He’s been capturing
shots of all of your favorite surfers for years now, and we couldn’t be more excited to
have him working with us at Freedom Artists.


Chris Kemp is an artist working and playing on the Carolina coast. His style is raw and
loose as transcribed through many mediums. Surfing, society, music, and the outdoors
play a large subject role in his imagery.


Tim is a Virginia based artist, illustrator and designer who always carries a pen and is ready to capture the humor of everyday life into it’s simplest form.


Dane is master of all crafts, hailing from San Clemente, he has spent plenty of time honing his skills from San O to Baja. Whether he’s on the nose, studying, or drinking a 40, Dane is having the most fun in the room and is an absolute blast to be around


Claire Murphy is traveling photographer currently based in San Diego. Growing up on the beaches of Malibu, Claire has developed a keen eye for movement in the water. Whether she is on the beach, or taking ten footers on the head, she is an expert at her craft and we always look forward to the work she brings to the table.


Barron is from Malibu California where he grew up skateboarding and surfing. Coming from a family of
revolutionary surfers and skaters who grew up in the surfing Topanga and Malibu in the 60s, Barron has
developed a deep rooted love and respect for riding waves. Currently living in San Diego, Barron spends
his time searching for waves up and down the coast from Baja to OB. He is an absolute shredder and an all
around epic human, as long as he is in the water there is no taking a smile off his face.


“The Texas Tube Hound” Photographer / filmmaker / surfer / motorcycle enthusiast. Born and raised on the coast of Texas, currently residing the last 8 years in Ventura, CA.


Eli hails from the coastal paradise of Laguna Beach, CA. When he’s not finding sneaky tubes in
unnamed coves, he in the studio or onstage with his band.


Colin Weinberg resides in the South Bay and loves hunting big waves and shooting captivating photographs. Colin has traveled to different parts of the world in search of barrels and has recently been on a non-stop big wave mission where he plans on charging harder and harder each and every session. Along with his surfing, his photography passion is an increasing talent as well. Expect to see many collaborations with him in the near future.


Donovan Reeder lives in Pismo Beach and lives the central coast lifestyle to the fullest. He
charges the dunes in search of perfect beach break peelers and when he’s not shredding he
shoots photos and lays down vibrant acrylic landscape paintings. The man has it dialed. From
the Pismo pier to mysto rivermouths, Donovan knows exactly where to go when the surf is going
to be pumping.

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